Healing Hands symbol drawn by Dr Masaki Hatsumi for Dennis Bartram in 1995I have been an Amatsu practitioner since 2000. My clinic is a mile from Dalkey village and DART station.

Amatsu is a beneficial treatment for a variety of complaints, including whiplash, sciatica, neck stiffness, lumbar pain, injured or weak ankles, bunions and irritable bowel conditions.

It is a gentle, non-invasive therapy which unravels tensions and strengthens weak or injured parts of the body. Working with the body’s own instinct for self healing, Amatsu repatterns the structure of bones, ligaments and major organs so that balance and harmony are achieved.

I bring aspects of Reiki healing into my Amatsu sessions. I am a fully qualified Reiki practitioner. I am also training in Somatic Experience, which explores the effects of emotional and physical trauma on the body, and how to release same. It is based on the ground-breaking, interdisciplinary work of Peter Levine.

I can be reached at the contact page.

Amatsu Association of Ireland

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