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Katie will give a reading from her new collection of poetry, “Off Duty” at the Shorelines Festival in Portumna, Co Galway, with Leanne O’Sullivan at 4pm in Portumna Library on Saturday 16th September.
She will also read with Mary O’Malley at the Clifden Arts Festival at the Station House Theatre at 4.30pm on Monday 18th September.
She hopes to give a reading in the Rathgar Bookshop in October with poets Siobhan Campbell and Jane Clarke. Details to be confirmed.
Otherwise she is taking a break from teaching and trying to get some new writing done!

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    Stephanie Weber

    I am an Irish-American woman, who trains horses and writes code for a living. I’m also a poet, and a woman very much in love with a man who lives far from me. Last night I read “Yearn On” and my heart broke with the knowing and power in it, and that it says so well all those things I feel. From the first to the last, and it twisted the heart of me. I rarely read anything I am so very moved by that I say “I wish that was mine, that I’d said it this way”. Could not be better, and I honour you, Sister. Thank you.

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